Car Key Replacement


Locksmith Edgewood is one of the top providers of car key replacement in the region. Our mobile units are equipped with a wide selection of car keys, so our technicians can come to your location and make you a new key quickly. With our help, you’ll be able to get back on track in no time.

In order to make sure our car locksmiths remain up-to-date with the newest makes & models, we invest in training and equipping them with the best tools for car key replacement and programming. This is essential due to the large number of different vehicle models now roaming on roads today.

Edgewood residents often contact us for car key replacement services when their keys are either lost or misplaced by someone in the family. In some instances, even small children can cause a drastic situation such as flushing the keys down the toilet.

Many customers contact us regarding repairs for broken car keys, which can be due to the key being stuck in the ignition or door, or simply because the remote key is damaged.No matter what you need, calling Locksmith Edgewood is the only option when it comes to getting a new car key.

We are trusted Automotive Locksmith based in Edgewood

We specialize in replacing car keys and programming chip keys, as well as fixing, replacing and re-keying automotive locks. This includes door locks, trunk locks and ignition lock cylinders. We make sure to only provide top-notch automotive locks and keys from the biggest names like Ilco, Strattec, Jet, JMA, Keyline, and Blue Rocket. Plus, all of our products come with a warranty! Our mission is to create long-term relationships with our customers and establish a community of loyal returning clients. Having a loyal set of customers is essential to the growth and sustainability of a business. A loyal customer base ensures that there is a constant influx of revenue which allows the business to grow. Establishing a base of loyal customers requires building relationships with them, this can be done by giving personalized attention and being responsive; handling their complaints in an effective manner, and helping them even when there is no monetary benefit. Our company specializes in Edgewood WA and makes sure to give you the best advice & solutions to your car locksmith problems. We guarantee a reliable and high-quality automotive locksmith service for our customers. If you are a resident of Edgewood, our services are available to you round-the-clock throughout the week including public holidays without any additional or concealed charges. Our team can take care of all your automotive lock and key needs in a professional and timely manner. We guarantee you competitive prices as well as excellent service, even when it comes to emergencies. No matter the situation, we’ll make sure you get a great result.


Car manufacturers started using transponder chips on car keys in the late 90s to enhance security. Without a properly programmed chip, or if it’s missing, the vehicle won’t start even if you have a perfectly cut key. Key replacement and programming for all kinds of cars, regardless of their model, makes is a breeze with Car Key Destination. If you’ve lost your key or just need a duplicate one, our team of experts have the right tools & skills to get the job done swiftly. From Audi to BMW & Mercedes; we can get it done!


Losing your car keys can be a frustrating experience, as it not only renders your vehicle useless, but it can also involve a financial cost to replace them. If you find yourself in this situation and are unable to locate your missing keys, the best course of action is to get new ones. Edgewood Locksmith has a dedicated team of professionals available for on-site car key replacement services. If your car uses a standard key for entry and ignition, you can count on our team to replicate it quickly & accurately.

Auto lock repair

In case of damage to your car’s locks, one of our experienced technicians can quickly inspect and provide a solution. We have the necessary parts for lock repair, making it a swift and convenient process so you can move forward with your day. People sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation when their car key breaks off in the lock, leaving them unable to remove the broken piece or start the car. Even if they have access to the auto, they are unable to use it or secure it unless the door is locked. Our locksmiths are adept at removing broken keys and can even provide you with a new transponder key if needed.

Car Key Replacement Service in Edgewood

Ensuring security & safety should be taken very seriously and no shortcuts should be taken. Invest in the best possible locking & security systems available and ensure that they are regularly serviced & maintained for peak performance. Professional car key repair is essential not only for businesses or homes, but also cars. Investing in expert services will ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition and running smoothy. Our team at Locksmith Edgewood is the best when it comes to helping you with all your locksmith needs. All our locksmiths and technicians are highly experienced in providing services such as repair, replacement, installation & duplication of keys with utmost expertise. We are the best at what we do and have the expertise to suggest a variety of solutions that would work perfectly for you. If you let a professional handle your car key replacement, then rest assured that it will be done right in one go. Our experts have the expertise combined with the right tools to fix or replace any type of car key. DIY repair methods aren’t suggested when safety is an issue, so it’s best you contact us for any lock-related problems. We provide premium locksmith services at competitive prices. At our establishment, we are more than willing to match or even beat any competitor’s price. We will quickly resolve your car key replacement issue and leave you with money and time saved.

Car dealers often charge hefty fees for replacing car keys. However, these charges are justified as they offer other features such as remote start that allows you to start your car with just a single click of the button. In addition to other services, we offer exceptional locksmithing services that are not only affordable but also of the highest quality. Our team is available round-the-clock in Las Vegas for your convenience. You won’t find better service for a better price anywhere else! We prioritize our customers and are always available when they need us. Our technicians are quick to respond and stay until complete satisfaction is achieved. Additionally, being family owned & operated allows us to take the necessary time & effort in making sure every customer is fully content with our service. We value our customers and have received positive feedbacks from them. Our aim is to maintain the highest quality of locksmith services that our customers have come to expect. Licensed and insured, our technicians will offer you a no-obligation free estimate before you make your final decision. Reach out today to begin the process!